Is your designer solving problems for you?

A designer should be solving problems for you at all times, with every piece that she designs.

To design is to optimize the communication between you and your target audience. Otimizing means improving or making the most of. But to improve, a problem must be identified and analyzed, and a solution proposed. Then, a design can be created according to specific criteria. A design that solves a problem or a series of problems can be deemed successful because it helps your business. Examples of the results of successful designs are numerous, but just to name few: increased brand recognition, increased sales, increased navigation of a website, economy of material, production cost savings, savings in printing costs, savings of time, saving of resources or money, scripting, automation, etc.

At MachalekDesign, we love solving problems. Every project is approached as problem to be solved, a solution to be optimized. As such, every project becomes a challenge. A challenge to help you, because every piece must work for you the best it can possibly be!

Can you measure how much your design helps you? Do you know how to improve it, make better, more efficient? Does your designer know?

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